Close more sales and turn more leads into customers with sales and marketing video production.

Add the Power of Video to Your Sales Presentations

Video lets you drive home your message. It will be the same message, every time. It is important that you don’t miss any points and the story is told in a concise and accurate manner.


How can video help improve your sales?

  • Video makes the perfect presentation, every time.
  • You can present your company and product exactly the way you want.
  • You can give your customer the entire story.
  • Your video can anticipate common customer concerns and address them.
  • Your video can make that emotional connection between your product and your customer’s wants and needs.
  • Testimonials, charts, graphics, pictures, demonstrations and music combine to produce a powerful sales-building tool.
  • Video is accessible from a variety of devices from desktop to mobile. Video offers the chance to create emotive content that increases engagement.

With the right balance of both useful information and authentic feeling, through the right medium, you can make sales conversations easier and more profitable. That's what our sales videos do.

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Why Video is Essential for Marketing and Sales

Marketing is essential for any new or growing business. Without it, people simply would not know what you're all about, what your brand is and what you offer as an entrepreneur or even as an established business. Many business owners do not realize the impact that video has when it comes to both sales and marketing, which is why our sales and marketing videos are such a good way for our clients to set themselves apart from the competition.

Video attracts people, captures their imagination and encourages them to learn more about your company. Oftentimes, you'll find well-made business videos being shared on social media sites, and for very good reason: they work. At Churchill Studios, we create compelling sales and marketing videos that you can use for all kinds of promotional purposes. We help you reach your intended audience with video content that’s superbly shareable.

Statistics on Video in Marketing

Studies have shown that using compelling video content when marketing a business is about 50 percent more effective than relying on text or website content. This statistic means greater client flow to your company and more sales.

Marketing videos are crucial in sales and marketing, and they are a lot more important than you might think. The problem a lot of businesspeople have is that they don’t have the necessary time or expertise to ensure that this work is being done correctly, often assuming that they can do the work on their own! But quality makes all the difference when you’re trying to present your brand in the most positive light. A professionally produced marketing video speaks volumes about the quality and stability of your business.

With our professional video production services, we ensure that the work is done correctly so it will encourage more people to do business with your company or learn more about your products or services. Our team includes expert videographers who are also skilled storytellers.

How Marketing Videos Can Impact Your Sales

There are many ways to do effective marketing, but one of the best and fastest ways for you to get interested clients to your site is to use a video that is targeted to a specific demographic and is made by a professional team.

Churchill Studios is a small video production company with the technical abilities and production values of a much larger firm. That combination of qualities is what allows us to deliver high quality video marketing services while staying on schedule and within your budget.

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