Why is Product Photography Important?

Presentation is certainly a reasonable answer to this question, because it counts when showing off a product to potential customers. However, the know-how in putting together a good product photography session is even more important. Fortunately, leaving this work to product photography professionals is a surefire way to give consumers the best view of the item or items they are considering.

 Taking a product photo may seem to be a simple process, but there is ample opportunity to employ imagination and vision while capturing the right image. A good overview of the ins and outs of product photography can help you decide if it’s right for your products, and knowing these details can make all the difference between hit and miss in the field of product photography.

Product Photography Tips

Words can only do so much to describe a product to customers before eventually turning into a wall of text. Lucky for us, pictures can be worth thousands of words! Stick to brief, straightforward descriptions and use photos to show off your product’s design, its different features, or any additional accessories that might come with it. For certain products, it could even be useful to have them photographed with an individual to help better communicate sizing. By going with professional product photography, you can cut down on the product page wordcount and give your customers an accurate, honest view of the product they’re looking to order.

 When it comes to certain products, customers may also have the option of choosing a specific color, design, or style they would like the product to come in. With this in mind, it’s crucial to have accurate photos of each option at the ready so that the customer is as well-informed in the buying process as necessary for them to reach a satisfactory decision. It would be difficult enough to decide on an option you can’t see, and it isn’t easy to regain trust after an item fails to match the in-store photo.

Quality of Equipment and Skill

This may go without saying, but using a smartphone isn’t exactly the best method for commercial photography or showing off your company’s products. Although not every photograph is going on the front page of Vogue or some other mass-media outlet, you would be doing your products a disservice by showcasing them through a point-and-shoot lens. Professional product photographers use high quality equipment to get the best angle, lighting, and resolution for others to see what your products are all about. While non-commercial photography may hinge more on aesthetic and creative liberty, product photography can depend rather heavily on the quality of the equipment used.

After the product photos have been taken, a professional photographer or agency could use industry-standard applications and tools to clean up the photos, but only as necessary. As long as the overall representation of the actual product is still authentic and intact, it wouldn’t hurt to remove any distracting stray objects that may have ended up in the shot (if a lifestyle or in-action photo) or scratches on your photo model of the item that may detract customers from buying an unblemished model.

Focus and Consistency

In some cases, it can be crucial for customers to know how the sizes of different products compare to one another. Whether for clothing, building materials, or even camping equipment, maintaining a certain level of consistency in scaling will cut down on the potential for customers to be surprised (or worse, unhappy) by the actual size of the product when they receive it.

Another couple of options worth considering are zoomable images and 360-degree rotations. These are generally only possible with high resolution commercial photography, but they can make a big difference in the amount of trust potential customers have in purchasing. Having the ability to evaluate a product through a more detailed lens before even placing it in the cart helps to instill confidence in a purchase, especially when the actual item follows through on the promises made by the product photography on-site.

While some businesses may be fine with shooting their products on the shelf or in-store, a professional commercial photographer could make use of a studio set or backdrop to strip away any “clutter” in the shot. This is important because the viewer’s eye can then focus completely on the product they’re interested in. Taking out these unnecessary distractions allows the product to stand out against a clean background and ensure that it’s the focal point of the image.

With that said, there are also plenty of opportunities to have the backdrop and otherwise negative space in your product photos aid in your branding, whether through the use of certain colors, additional items, or recurring themed backdrops. All in all, consistency is key in establishing and reinforcing the look and branding of not only your individual products, but your e-commerce site and business as a whole. Consulting with a commercial photographer can help you decide which path may work best for your business and products.

Marketing and Promo

Commercial photography isn’t just for the product page, either. High quality photos of your products can also be used in other parts of a potential customer’s path to your business. Take marketing for example. The team behind your business’s marketing efforts could easily utilize these high resolution product photos for ad campaigns, newsletters, special offers, or even a social media marketing campaign.

This would essentially eliminate two product-oriented birds with one photography stone, allowing you to populate your online storefront with accurate, high quality product photos in the purchasing process while also providing ample opportunity for the marketing team to attract more customers to browse your selection of product. If you opted for photos that show off special features and benefits of certain products, those could likely play well on the marketing and social side of things.

In doing so, your business could attract even more potential customers who may not have otherwise found themselves already deciding between your products, and who knows -- maybe they would share those posts within their own social circles, further spreading the good word about what you have to offer, complete with quality product photography to back it up.

Professional Product Photography Provides Benefit to Both You and the Customer

As you can see, the benefits to be reaped from taking advantage of professional product photography are plentiful. Not only that, but they even lend a considerable hand to other processes associated with your business, such as getting the word out with marketing or promo and helping to build brand loyalty.

All in all, investing in high quality commercial photography provides the greatest benefit to your customers, who will no doubt appreciate having an accurate, honest representation of the product they’re spending money on. Setting reasonable expectations and delivering on them will ensure your customers are satisfied and that they will be much more likely to return in the future. They may even bring others along with them!

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